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Book Group: We Want to Do More Than Survive

Join us for a 3-week exploration of Dr. Love’s award-winning book, "We Want to Do More than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom," in which she offers a vision of educational justice inspired by the rebellious spirit and methods of abolitionists. Recognizing that traditional modes of educational reform have led to what she calls the “educational survival complex,” Dr. Love expands our ideas of civic engagement and intersectional justice so that students may go beyond surviving to mattering and thriving.

Dr. Love, who was born and raised in Rochester, is widely recognized as a leading voice in the field of education. We are excited to share that Dr. Love will be the featured speaker at our annual Soulforce event on April 9th; this book group offers you a unique opportunity to become more acquainted with her life’s work prior to hearing directly from her.
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