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Soulforce III
Join us Saturday, April 9th for the return of our annual spring fundraiser, Soulforce III! "Soulforce" refers to a term Gandhi used, satyagraha, which means truth-force, or love-force, and is characterized by the nonviolent approach that Gandhi employed in his quest for truth, justice and liberation. This concept also influenced Dr. Martin Luther King's strategic thinking about methods to affect social, political, and economic change in the United States.

This year's virtual event will include inspiration from and fun with the Gandhi team, updates on work both local and beyond and some opportunities to engage with likeminded people from around the US. Tickets start at just $20, all proceeds are tax deductible and benefit the Gandhi Institute’s work.

Look for some fun online competition the week before. Help us exceed our spring fundraising goal of $6000.

The Gandhi Institute is committed to providing inclusive experiences and equal access to programs, services, and meetings. If you (or your guests) anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about communication access (ASL interpreting or real-time captioning), please contact Gwen Olton: gwen@gandhiinstitute.org.
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