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Hello, Gandhi Institute Community Member:

This year, the Gandhi Institute turns 30! Arun Gandhi established the Institute in 1991 in Tennessee, and the Institute moved to Rochester in 2007. We have been located at 929 Plymouth Ave. South since 2012. There’s a very rich history that brings us to this present moment, and we are asking your help in remembering some of the many noteworthy memories made over the years, during this year’s virtual Open House.

In that same vein, we plan to celebrate the more than 10 years that former Executive Director Kit Miller spent contributing her special magic to building and sustaining Institute operations.

What we ask is that you contribute videos/audio recordings (30 seconds or less), pictures taken, or other interesting representations of your memories of good/important time spent at the Institute, or with Kit, or both! We will be compiling the submissions and creating tributes to the Institute and to Kit, and the more varied raw material that we receive to work with, the better! Submissions can range from a simple emailed sentence about how Kit’s presence impacted you, to a picture you drew while enjoying a sunny afternoon among the sunflowers in the Gandhi House garden. Or maybe you have some pictures that were taken while you engaged in workshop/learning activity as a board member, volunteer, or community member. We want it all!

Please upload your submissions to our Google Drive, here:

Feel free to call Erin Thompson with any technical questions on 585-463-3265. You may also connect via email at mkgi@gandhiinstitute.org.

The sooner that you send your submissions, the better; we will need at least a couple weeks prior to the 10/3/21 Open House to get the tributes assembled.

Thank you!
Institute Staff



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  • Oct 03, 2021 2:00pm - 3:30pm ET
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